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About Pierce

Pierce is a fun, energetic, imaginative, and loving boy. He loves to play baseball and soccer, swim, play video games, and travel to different places. He is obsessed with big buildings and playing with friends. Pierce is unique; he has been diagnosed with Tourette's Syndrome, ADHD, and an Anxiety Disorder. He is like any other kid, but with a few challenges. We started to see beginning signs of motor tics at 3-4 years of age. As he turned 4, we started to see an increase in the motor tics, and he began developing vocal tics as well.

He was diagnosed with Tourette’s in February of 2023. Since the diagnosis, he has been on medication to reduce his tics. He is attending CBIT therapy to help redirect his movements and sounds. Most would not realize he has Tourette's by looking at him. As Pierce becomes more comfortable with someone, he lets his guard down. Because of this, his tics become more obvious to that person on his more difficult days. I’m his voice, and his fight is mine.


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