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Awareness of Tourette’s Syndrome is important to me and my family. We would like to bring more understanding to the community and help Easter Seals by raising money to assist children struggling with psychological disorders and help fund research for Tourette’s. These children can be successful in life even with the challenges they face. Many people have little knowledge about Tourette’s, so sometimes it’s easy to put a stigma on those struggling with this disorder by what others may have seen in movies or on social media. There are different types of Tourette’s and different levels of severity; it can be simple or complex.  Not everyone cusses or swears; only about 10% fall into that category. You can live a normal life, but it can be difficult at times. The more people that are aware, the less stares and more understanding there will be. When Pierce started doing motor and vocal tics, I did my research. I got him in therapy at Easter Seals and appointments at IU Health for different testing. I noticed while researching that our community lacks events to help the general public more fully understand and gain awareness of Tourette’s Syndrome. My desire is to be an advocate for Pierce, a voice for him and for this community. Some families are struggling like my family has, and I want them to know there is hope, and that we can fight this together!

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